Friday, April 12, 2013

National Forensic Science Conference

I am looking forward to attending a conference on Thursday, April 18, 2013, put on by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The Conference is called: "Evolving Science and Faulty Forensics: Legal Theories for Advancing Innocence Claims. Here is the Agenda:

8:45 am Legal Theories in Post-Conviction Innocence Cases Jeffrey Fisher, Barry Scheck
10:15 am Break 

10:30 am Defending Shaken Baby/Abusive Head Trauma Cases: New Challenges to the Shaken Baby HypothesisKeith Findley, Heather Kirkwood & Dave Moran
11:30 am Pre-Trial and Post-ConvictionBite Mark Litigation Tucker Carrington & Chris Fabricant
12:30 pm Break (pick up lunch) 

12:45 pm Lunch session: Fighting Fire with Science: Does Proving the Arson Testimony Was Junk Prove Legal Innocence? Moderator: Marrisa Boyers Bluestine; Panelists: Rob Dunham, Michael McKenzie 
1:45 pm Break 

2:00 pm Microscopic Hair Comparison Analysis Peter Neufeld, Norman Reimer 

3:00 pm Mixture Interpretation and Unscientific DNA Inclusions Dr. John Butler, Olga Akselrod & Jennifer Friedman

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